LED Furniture by Deckstar Deluxe of Cheltenham

LED Cubes

Perfect for "chill out" areas these sit down cubes also give out a surprising amount of ambient light and can be set to various colours, synced to the same colour or even run in various chase and fade modes.

These units are completely wireless and can last up to 12 hours between charges.

Remotes can be provided if you wish to change colours/scenes or buttons on the base of the unit can also be used.

Our LED cubes are also IP65 rated.

LED Ice Buckets

Looking for an interesting centrepiece for your table?

Why not consider our LED ice buckets which are perfect for keeping your drinks cold.

These can run for up to nine hours on a full charge which means you can have ambient light on your tables without the need for any wires. If used for longer periods then with the use of mains cables they can run for much longer periods.

These buckets are IP65 rated so can be used outdoors if required.

These buckets can be provided in various sizes so if you need buckets to hold only a couple of champagne bottles, or vast amounts of beer we can provide the right size for your needs.

Prior to any hire we clean and fully charge our stock and when required will run through how they operate with you or a chosen member of your staff, party etc...